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The University of Georgia and University Housing are committed to providing employees with reasonable resources needed to be successful in their jobs. These include clearly stated policies, rules and regulations. Employees are expected to be aware of University System of Georgia, University of Georgia, University Housing and other state and federal policies that guide their work. Employees who violate policies, rules and regulations will be referred through a performance management process, which could include a performance improvement plan, letters of counseling or of warning, suspension without pay, demotion, and/or termination. For questions and clarifications regarding policies, rules and regulations in University Housing or on campus, please contact the Housing Business and Human Resources (HBHR) office. 

The student policy accountability statement can be found in the Community Guide and on this page.

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Training Modules

  • RA Manual
    This manual provides resident assistants with resources required to perform their duties while following all university and departmental policies. The manual covers emergency and maintenance procedures, policies for residents and general guidelines for serving as a resource for the residents of their hall.
  • Community Services Assistant Manual
    This manual provides desk staff with the expectations, policies, procedures and tools to be successful community builders, emergency responders, peer advisors and leaders of residents.
  • OneSource Supervisory Training Guide