Alumni and Friends

Alumni, staff and friends

University Housing is proud of its thousands of alumni now working in various professional fields around the globe. Students who have worked for University Housing cite that their college years were some of their most memorable—the opportunities they had to meet and network with new people, to stay involved with what’s happening on campus and to gain valuable experience have made them stronger leaders and more well-rounded individuals. Equally impactful are former full-time staff members who have formed friendships and professional connections that transcend time and distance even after they leave UGA and Athens. Connect with University Housing and we’ll let you know about our alumni events and gatherings on campus.

Former staff members continue to support University Housing and its mission after graduation. Private funds from individuals dedicated to the residence hall experience are often necessary to provide the best opportunities for our staff members. Please take a moment to consider the level of financial support that will enrich the experiences of current and future members of the University Housing community. Any contribution, no matter how small, is important and appreciated. Only private gifts can be used to support appreciation activities for custodial staff, annual recognition awards and events for all staff, holiday and break meals where we thank staff for their superior efforts.

Make a donation to the University Housing Development Fund and consider asking friends and family to make their own contribution in honor of your service to University Housing.


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