Breaks And Move Out


The deadline to cancel a spring 2023 contract is before Nov. 20, 2022. If you do not intend to live on campus for spring 2023, please log into The Dawg House by November 20 and choose the “Cancel my Contract” option. Refer to your 2022-2023 housing contract for specifics, as contract cancellation may incur a fee. 

If you are moving out and not returning for the spring semester, please schedule a checkout appointment in The Dawg House to take place no more than 24 hours after your last final exam (unless you are participating in commencement). Checkout appointment scheduling is available Nov. 20 through Dec. 7 at noon, after which time you must reach out to your community office to sign up for a checkout appointment. 

 If you are moving out and not returning for the spring semester, please see the options for checking out:  

  • Express checkout: Complete the list below and return your keys to the community desk at your convenience. With this option, you will not meet with a staff member before your departure. A staff member will inspect the room for damages at a later time.  
  • In-person checkout: If you prefer an in-person checkout, please email your residence hall director requesting an appointment. You will receive a confirmation email of your appointment. You will still be expected to complete the list below prior to the date and time of your appointment. 

Before turning in your keys, you must meet the following move-out expectations: 

  • Clean your room to discourage pests (e.g., pick up items, wipe surfaces down, sweep/vacuum, dust, clean kitchen, and clean your bathroom if applicable) 
  • Remove all items except the furniture that was there upon move in 
  • Remove all trash and recycling from your room. Make sure all your perishable food is taken with you or disposed of in the exterior trash 
  • Check your mailbox 

Any damage found in your room or missing, and lost keys may result in a fee that will be applied directly to your student account.  


The following residence halls close for spring break. If you reside in these communities, you must exit the building by noon on March 4, 2023 and may not return until the halls reopen at noon March 12, 2023.  

  • Black-Diallo- Miller Hall  
  • Boggs Hall 
  • Brumby Hall 
  • Building 1516 
  • Church Hall 
  • Creswell Hall 
  • Hill Hall 
  • Lipscomb Hall 
  • Mary Lyndon Hall  
  • Mell Hall 
  • Morris Hall 
  • Myers Hall 
  • Oglethorpe House 
  • Russell Hall 
  • Rutherford Hall 
  • Soule Hall 

Brown, Busbee, McWhorter, Payne, Reed, Rooker and Vandiver halls, as well as University Village and the Health Sciences Campus remain open for spring break. Residents in these communities may remain if they choose to do so; however—if you leave for the break—you should follow the instructions below. 

If you leave, complete the following tasks: 

  • Pack all essential items (medication, passport, fish, necessary electronics, chargers, etc.) 
  • Take your UGACard (you will need this when you return)  
  • Clean room/apartment as best as possible  
  • Take all trash to the dumpster  
  • Close and lock all windows and lower the blinds 
  • Remove all perishables from the refrigerator and the room  
  • Unplug everything except for your refrigerator  
  • Put the thermostat on heat at 68 degrees or lowest setting 
  • Turn off all lights  
  • Lock your door(s)  

Please note that University Housing staff will enter every room to conduct a quarterly health and safety inspection and to ensure you have followed the steps listed above. Failure to complete items on the checklist may result in a fee charged to your student account.