Planning Your Stay


Applications for summer camps and conferences are now open. If you have questions or concerns please contact Jawoin Williams via email at or by phone at 706-713-2654.


Contact Jawoin Williams for information:


The group sponsor agrees to provide a certificate of liability insurance for registrants in their conference, camp or group if the group is not a University of Georgia department-sponsored event.


The University of Georgia is committed to provide a safe and healthy environment for all who participate in programs and activities on campus or otherwise affiliated with the University. This policy recognizes the special duty of care and supervision when working with minors and sets forth operational requirements to enhance the protection of minors.  The policy includes the following minimum requirements: approval, registration, background investigations, training and records retention. To facilitate compliance with the policy, please see the policy linked below, which includes resources, sample forms, frequently asked questions and a program/activity registration system that provides the university with a central database of information regarding approved programs/activities and program contacts.

Registration is required for all programs/activities serving minors and will be verified for compliance. Registration will be verified at least 40 days before the scheduled check-in date.

Youth camps and conferences are required to follow counselor-to-participant ratios guideline established by the American Camp Association: 

  • Counselor-to-participant ratio of 1:10 for participants 15 years of age and older 
  • Counselor-to-participant ratio of 1:8 for participants between 9 and 14 years of age 
  • Counselor-to-participant ratio of 1:6 for participants between 6 and 8 years of age
  • Counselor-to-participant ratio of 1:5 for participants between 4 and 5 years of age 


The University of Georgia features multiple on-campus dining options. Both residential (dining halls) and retail dining options are available to suit various groups’ needs, offering in-person dining and box lunch options.


Charter Buses

Standard Transportation Requests (for groups hosting UGA students) 

  • Buses are available to support the University of Georgia student community for trips that serve the University’s mission
  • Requests for standard charter service to transport students to scheduled university-sponsored events within Athens-Clarke County are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis 

Non-Standard Charter Requests (for groups hosting visitors that are non-UGA Students) 

  • Non-standard requests are those requiring transportation of persons other than UGA students, trips requiring travel outside of Athens-Clarke County, or trips that do not have a clear connection to the University’s educational mission 
  • The Campus Transit System has a limited number of buses available for charter service. 
  • Have higher fees due to unrelated business income and associated additional overhead and taxes 
  • Require the approval of Campus Transit’s director 


All vehicles parked on the University of Georgia campus must display a valid permit issued by the Department of Parking Services, with the exception of vehicles operated by visitors parked in designated visitor parking. 

Visitors may park in any pay lot or pay deck. All parking deck pay facilities currently accept credit cards. Direct inquiries to a Customer Service Representative at 706-542-PARK (7275). 



Conference planning

University Housing conference services staff work directly with conference/campus hosts to ensure accommodations are prepared prior to arrival.

Check in and check out

While on campus, each group will work directly with a residence hall director or another University Housing team member present during check in and checkout and available to assist with any issues or concerns that arise during their stay. There is also a full-time staff member on duty on nights and weekends to assist with issues that arise. 

24-hour customer service

Every community desk is staffed 24 hours a day during each group’s stay, including weekends and holidays, to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for all guests. Additionally, an on-call team is available to assist you with any conference/camps needs that occurs outside typical business hours. This team includes live-on conference student staff, residence hall directors, building services and facilities team members to ensure issues get resolved quickly and effectively.



  • Contact conference services staff to discuss hosting a summer program (insert email and phone?)
  • Schedule a tour of the campus and housing facilities
  • Complete a Conference Reservation Form for requested services


By this time, all contracts will be developed from the applications and meetings with sponsors. A signed contract formally secures your request(s). 

Suggested action items:

  • Review your contract to ensure guaranteed minimum numbers are accurate
  • Research and select training for all adults who will be working with minors

30 days prior to arrival

  • Due: Signed contract, Protection for Minors information, and certificate of insurance
  • Due: Verify classroom, storage, or meeting space needs
  • Due: Verify building access needs
  • Due: Submit final bed counts according to contracted timeframe
  • Due: Submit arrival and departure plans

Two weeks prior to arrival

Final details should be made with regard to your group’s stay. A University Housing team member will be assigned to your group who will work with you from this point forward regarding additional needs or concerns that arise. 

  • Respond to communication from your housing team member to confirm all aspects of your stay
  • Confirm any scheduled deliveries and storage of items prior to staff arrival
  • Request special furniture set up for check in (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Due: Finalize classroom or meeting space needs
  • Review the Conference Guide and Guest Policies

One week prior to arrival

  • Due: Finalized check-in and checkout plans
  • Due: Finalized roster submitted two business days before arrival
  • Establish procedures for late arrivals or early departures

First day on campus

  • Arrive one hour prior to scheduled check in to ensure set up is manageable
  • Due: Review cancellations and no-show attendee with housing team member
  • Verify best modes of communication during visit with your housing team member
  • Review guest policies with all guests and staff

During campus visit

  • Please let our team know if there is anything that is not going according to plans that were made and allow us the opportunity to correct them
  • Utilize the 24-hour front desk to report any maintenance concerns or to reach after hours staff
  • Report any lost keys or access cards to the 24-hour desk
  • Report any participant late arrivals or early departures to your housing team member

Last day on campus

Prior to departing from campus please be sure that all participants preform the following tasks: 

  • Place all linens at the foot of the bed in rooms (if linens are used)
  • Return all keys and access cards during the designated checkout time
  • Remove all interior and exterior signage related to your event
  • Remove all items from the common areas
  • Remove all trash from the common areas, rooms, bathrooms, etc.