Work For Housing

Part of the Division of Student Affairs, University Housing consists of nearly 2.8 million square feet of facilities and is home to more than 9,000 students. The department employs 220 full-time staff members, 21 graduate assistants and 565 undergraduate student workers. As a self-supporting auxiliary, University Housing operates a $59 million budget derived only from student housing fees and other non-state sources.

In support of its mission to provide comfortable, affordable and secure housing options where the academic success and personal growth of residents are encouraged and supported, University Housing engages staff members in competency-based training and students in curriculum-based engagement focused on community building, interpersonal skills, social awareness and responsibility, and well-being.

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Residential Belonging Assistant

Enhancing the on-campus experience

Residence Hall Director

Front line support for students

Graduate Resident

On-the-job training

Dawg Path

Residential Curriculum

Doctoral Intern

Next-level professional development


Building a better future

Residential Building Services Worker

Making housing feel like home

Resident Assistant

Passionate about the student experience

Culture of Inclusion and Belonging

An environment of belonging

For questions about open positions, please contact:

Mildred Anderson
Human Resources Manager