Camps and Conferences Policies and Expectations



Georgia law prohibits possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by those under the legal drinking age and prohibits making alcoholic beverages available to persons under the legal drinking age. Underage guests found in possession of alcoholic beverages will be asked to dispose of the alcohol under supervision of housing staff. Common source containers (e.g., kegs, punch bowls) are not allowed in the residence halls and apartments. Guests of legal drinking age may consume alcoholic beverages in the privacy of their room or apartment unit; no alcoholic beverages may be consumed in any other areas of the community, outside of the student room or apartment, including the common areas. No open containers of alcoholic beverages are permitted outside of individual residence hall rooms or apartment units. No guest shall furnish, or cause to be furnished, any alcoholic beverage to any person under the legal drinking age. Inappropriate behavior related to the consumption of any alcoholic beverage is prohibited.


You may decorate your room in a way that does not cause damage. Do not paint your room or decorate door frames, doors, floors, hallways or walls using stickers, tape or any other products that would cause marring, chipping, holes or other damage. Use of any adhesive or tape besides removable poster squares could result in damage or excessive cleaning charges. The application of shaving cream, soap, streamers or contact paper to residence hall facilities is prohibited. Vandalism may result in immediate removal from the residence halls and/or restitution for any charges associated with the vandalism.


The possession and/or use of illegal drugs and narcotics are against state and University regulations and are not permitted on University property.


All room furniture must remain in the rooms. Do not remove furniture such as mattresses, chairs and/or bedframes from rooms or floor lounges or any other public areas. No furniture may be taken outside the building for any reason. Adjustable furniture must be reset to the original position prior to checkout.


In accordance with applicable law and University of Georgia policy, there shall be no discrimination on the basis of race, national origin, religion, creed, sex (including sexual harassment and pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, age, genetic information, disability or veteran status as to any aspect of the activities contemplated herein. For more information go to

Tobacco and Smoking

This policy applies to all employees, students, contractors, subcontractors, conference guest/camps, and visitors. Smoking and tobacco use are prohibited on the entire campus including indoor and outdoor areas, all buildings, recreational areas, lawns, university sidewalks, university vehicles and parking lots. For more information, go to


Possession of weapons on the University of Georgia campus is governed by Georgia law (O.C.G.A. 16-11-127.1). For more information go to

Windows and Window Screens

Window screens must remain in place at all times to help control insects and to prevent accidents. For the safety of others, throwing anything from windows is strictly prohibited. Conference guests will be held responsible for personal injuries, property damage and cleaning charges that result from this action.



Playing on elevators is prohibited. The maximum number of persons on one elevator at one time is listed in or by the elevator. Overloading the elevators can cause them to break down, which can lead to guests being stuck inside them until repairs can be made by a certified technician. Guests staying on the second and third floors are encouraged to use the stairs.

Fire Safety

Fire and emergency procedures are posted on the back of each room’s door. Please familiarize yourself with evacuation routes. Tampering with fire safety equipment and/or smoke detectors is prohibited and will result in immediate removal from the residence halls and/or restitution for any charges associated with the vandalism. Elevators are not operational during fire or fire evacuation, as it is not safe to use them. Please use the closest stairwell to safely exit the building during an emergency.

Group Behavior & Noise

University Housing expects all guests to be mindful that the facilities are used by many other guests with varying schedules. Each guest should be considerate of other guests in the residence halls during their stay. Each guest is responsible for keeping the noise levels to a minimum at all times so that others are not disturbed.

Posting and Signs

All posters and notices must be approved by the Residential Programs and Services Office. Sponsors must get approval prior to check in. Non-approved or unauthorized posters or materials are prohibited and will be removed.

Roof and Ledges

For your personal safety and the safety of others, access to roof and ledge areas is prohibited.


Residence hall security is a shared responsibility. Always lock your door and carry your key and access card. Do not prop open any floor or building doors. Report suspicious persons or behavior to a housing official and remember any distinguishing characteristics. Know the people in your group, and report any persons on your floor who are not part of your group. Guests are restricted to the floor(s) assigned to them. Do not share building access cards and building access pin numbers with other individuals.

Trash Removal

All trash must be disposed of properly. Trash may be placed in a trash chute, or in residence halls without a trash chute, trash must be placed in the dumpsters outside each building. Large items should be taken outside. Guests are encouraged to recycle.