Resident Assistant

Resident Assistants (RAs) shape the learning experience of 30 to 75 students assigned to their residential community. Through active learning focused on building a thriving community, the development of interpersonal skills, promoting social awareness and responsibility, and well-being, the RA supports the continued learning and personal development of residents. RAs are peer leaders who facilitate community involvement, assist in the management of student concerns, and educate residents on their responsibilities as members of a residential community.

Jackson Fountain

Resident assistant (RA) in Black-Diallo-Miller Hall; second year political science major 

I wanted to become an RA because I wanted to help first-year students to make connections and have positive experiences at UGA. Working as an RA has also been rewarding to me because I have had the opportunity to make connections myself, so I’ll definitely be doing it again. 

As an RA, I feel like during the first few weeks I was very helpful to residents who were worried, scared or anxious about the transition. I was able to connect with them and tell them about my past experiences or just hang out with them myself and I feel like I made a real impact on their feelings about college. Before UGA, I struggled to get out of my comfort zone and my small group of high-school friends. Over the three semesters I’ve been at UGA, I’ve met a ton of unique people and had experiences that have helped me befriend many people instead of just my small group.  

The team at University Housing has to be one of the kindest teams I’ve ever encountered. I have had the opportunity to work with the public relations team to advertise my events or send pictures of events. In addition, I interact with facilities staff frequently to alert them of issues in the halls or just to ask how their days are going. I have absolutely loved getting to know the residents on my hallway and their stories. It has been really heartwarming to see them grow as students and people during their transition to college, and it has also been really rewarding to make relationships that I believe will last for a long time. We plan events with inclusion in mind, and we’ve also had some events that were created to promote diversity and understanding between residents.  

I think the experience [as an RA] is convenient, rewarding and unique in a way pretty unmatched by other opportunities I’ve seen. I’m lucky to be in a position that works so well with my busy lifestyle and class schedule. I also believe a lot of my experience and connections that I have built at the University of Georgia would have been impossible or difficult without the help of University Housing and the connections I have made here.