Residence Hall Association


The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the second-largest organization on campus and we serve and advocate for the 8,500+ residents that live on campus. Our mission is to create community and promote a safe, fun and inclusive environment for residents. RHA hosts a myriad of different programs, ranging from a sustainable casino night to concerts on Legion Field. These programs and promotional items are free for all residents and, for certain programs, are open to all students or even the entire Athens community. RHA also supports University Housing in its primary mission through different initiatives including personal development, academic success, diversity and sustainability.

Award Winning State And Regional Level Bids

Regional Leadership Conference 2019

School of the Year - 2019

Student Leader of the Year - 2019

Advisor of the year - 2019

Of The Month Awards

Advisor of the Month (Regional Winner, 2019)

Executive Board Member (Regional Winner, 2019)

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Sarah Allen, President -
Cecilia Vu, Vice President -
Annalisa Botchway, NCC -
Kamryn Dobbins, Treasurer -
Marartu Wega, DOC -
Samantha Archer, Secretary -
Anna Oguoma-Richards, Historian -
Kai Chen, RLA -
Dionne Williams, GR for Student Leadership -