RHA – Allocations

RHA uses a portion of its funds to provide allocations for organizations putting on programs which will benefit the residents living on campus.

Any organization may approach RHA with an allocation request. That request will first come to the Executive Board. Allocation requests are due on Friday at midnight to be considered at the next Executive Board meeting the following Monday. Requests for $100 or less will be decided on by the Executive Board and will not be passed along to the General Body for approval. Any requests for amounts over $100 will be voted on by the Executive Board and, pending approval, will be passed along to be approved by the General Body. These larger requests should be accompanied by a relevant flyer or handbill. The group or organization requesting the allocation of funds must then be represented at two General Body meetings before presenting to the General Body for final approval at a third meeting. Presenting to the General Body does not guarantee that the allocation will be passed. The General Body reserves the right to deny or reduce any request.

The Monetary Allocation Form to fill out may be seen below. Please fill it out, submit it, and send a copy to rha@uga.edu.

RHA also approves bin requests for the residence halls, provides support for groups across campus, and is a great organization for student feedback. If you are interested in any of the aformentioned, please see the Non-Monetary Request Form below. The procedures for receiving a Non-Monetary Request are similar to the process involving a Monetary Allocation, however, the requestor(s) need only fill out the Request form, submit it, and send a copy to rha@uga.edu. After that, the requestor(s) must attend one Executive Board meeting follwed by a General Body meeting where the request will be presented.

Any further questions can be e-mailed to us at rha@uga.edu.