RHA Receives Double Honors

RHA Receives Double Honors

University of Georgia’s RHA Receives Double Honors from SAACURH: Advisor of the Year and Building Block Chapter of the Year 

The University of Georgia’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) has clinched two prestigious awards from the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH), establishing itself as a standout in the realm of residential leadership and advocacy. 

With a steadfast commitment to enhancing the residential experience and fostering a sense of community, UGA RHA secured the coveted titles of “Advisor of the Year” and “Building Block Chapter of the Year.” These accolades underscore the dedication and excellence exhibited by the professional staff and students who work tirelessly to create a more welcoming community on campus. 

The Advisor of the Year award recognizes the remarkable contributions of Mariah Neibert, the advisor to UGA RHA. Known for her unwavering support, guidance and mentorship, Neibert has played a pivotal role in shaping the success and growth of the RHA. Her diligent dedication to the organization and its members has not only nurtured leadership skills but also cultivated a culture of inclusivity and collaboration within the residential community. 

Additionally, UGA RHA’s achievement as the Building Block Chapter of the Year exemplifies the organization’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Through initiatives focused on advocacy, community-building and leadership development, UGA RHA has set a new standard for collegiate residential organizations. From pioneering collaborative events like the Taste of Athens to launching impactful projects such as the RHA Diaries, UGA RHA has demonstrated a relentless dedication to enhancing the residential experience and empowering its members.

I will never forget the screaming after my name was announced as the winner, especially from our NACURH communications coordinator, Lindsey Hood, directly next to me. As an advisor, I so frequently cheer them on to do the hard work that it was a welcomed, strange feeling to get it in return. This whole experience has easily risen to the top of my list of memorable moments from advising students. 

Mariah Neibert, residential leadership coordinator 

Our wins … [are] a testament to the dedication and improvement RHA and our advisors have put in to impact our community. We are grateful to be representing UGA and excited to see what we can do with the rest of our year! 

Harshika M., UGA RHA president 

UGA RHA delegation at regional SAACURH conference 
Left to right: Paul M., SAACURH Coordinating Officer for RHA Development; Mariah N., Residential Leadership Coordinator; Harshika M., RHA President; Lindsey H., RHA NCC; Kaylie S., NRHH Executive Director; Ivan Z., RHA NCC in Training.

Furthermore, RHA executive board member Lindsey Hood was presented with the prestigious “Golden Louie” award. This exclusive recognition is granted by the SAACURH executive committee members to individuals who surpass expectations in supporting their campus RHA and exemplify remarkable leadership within their communities and regions. The Golden Louie award serves as a symbol of Hood’s exceptional commitment and outstanding contributions to UGA’s RHA and the region. 

UGA’s RHA which consists of student-led initiatives serves to provide a better experience for students living on campus, and the members of the committees which worked hard to not only develop the nominations for these awards, but also did the hard work creating and reworking the outlets students have within UGA’s Residence Hall Association. 

As regional title recipients, UGA RHA will compete against universities from all over the country for the coveted national awards. The excitement will build until the national winners are announced in May.