Resident Assistant applications

Resident Assistant applications

Applications to become a resident assistant (RA) for fall 2024 close Jan. 8, 2024. We’re using this opportunity to allow some of our current student staff members to share their experiences as RAs in their own words. 

Reese M., Resident assistant in Black-Diallo-Miller Hall 

My experience has been a roller coaster, but I love being an RA. I have been so thankful for the opportunity to be a contributing member of this staff. 

This position has provided me with a lovely community. I love the RA Staff. The staff is a fantastic team because we work hard and play hard. The Black-Diallo-Miller staff has competed in ultimate frisbee and flag football intramural sports. I want to continue to play in more leagues because it has been the highlight of my semester. Playing together has allowed me to get to know everyone beyond staff meetings and develop real bonding. Losing has never been more fun! It is such a joy knowing that every time we show up for a game, I leave laughing harder than I have all week.  

On and off the field, I have a group of individuals who have my back and feel so much support. They are also dependable. Recently, I came down with a fever of over one hundred and one the night before I was supposed to be on duty. Another RA in Black-Diallo-Miller had agreed to take my duty shift within ten minutes of texting in our group chat. I appreciate him and everyone else on this staff because they would have done anything to lighten my load or help me feel better. 

Apart from our teamwork on the field, we collaborate well on our administrative and routine tasks. We do assignments in small groups or pairs, which allows us to think creatively, make decisions and develop alternatives. I love how collaborative the work is because it feels like social hours instead of work. This feeling stems from my enjoyment of the people on the Black-Diallo-Miller staff. We even make staff meetings a fun time. I also attend the Black-Dialllo-Miller community council meetings because I am an RA advisor for the council. I aid in their projects and attend their events. I appreciate the chance to know residents outside of living on my hall. 

I love opportunities that provide me with room to grow. I have further developed my preexisting leadership skills and have a deeper understanding of community building. I have learned how to handle difficult situations and manage people. I have always been a great communicator and know how to manage my time efficiently. However, this job has broadened my horizons and stretched my abilities. My nights on duty have ranged from relaxed to calling UGAPD because of a hole in the wall. When called to respond to an incident, I have to think on my feet and decide on the best way to approach a situation. These stressful events are only temporary and do not outweigh the highs I feel on this roller coaster. For instance, responding to events creates an opportunity to get to know residents. I love connecting with residents.  

The dining halls are never lonely, and I love it when my residents invite me to on-campus events with them, such as Stegmania. Thank you, UGA Housing, for this community. 

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A final information session about the position will be hosted on Zoom Wednesday, Jan. 3 at 5 p.m.