Health and safety inspections

Health and safety inspections

On Sept. 5, students received notice about health and safety inspections. Proactive health and safety inspections are completed at least once each semester to ensure student living environments remain comfortable, safe and clean. During a health and safety inspection, a housing staff member will enter each room/unit to look for any potential or emerging facilities-related concerns. This inspection also involves checking sprinklers, smoke detectors and other life-safety equipment as well as the presence and condition of housing furniture. Residents do not need to be present in the space at that time. 

The goal of health and safety inspections is to address emerging or potential concerns with maintenance and life safety equipment, as well as with the cleanliness of student spaces. If staff completing the inspections notice any concerns or policy violations, they will notify the resident and give them the opportunity to address them before a re-inspection takes place. 

Students can assist in this effort by: 

  • Removing trash and recycling promptly 
  • Storing food in airtight containers to avoid attracting pests 
  • Following Community Guide guidelines about prohibited items (essential oil/plugin scent diffusers and toasters are common violations) 

Health and safety inspections are a crucial tool in housing’s effort to maintain comfortable, clean and safe residence halls.