What is the Residence Hall Association?
The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the second-largest student organization on campus and is the coordinating organization for the various residence hall governing bodies across campus (i.e. Community Councils within each residence hall). RHA’s goal is to help develop residence hall policies, procedures, programs, and facilities to best serve the interests of those students living on campus. To that end, the association’s elected representatives from each hall work with housing staff on residents’ behalf. Long story short, we’re here to make your on-campus experience all it can be, hence: “Where Housing Meets Home.”

Who is a member?
You are! If you are living on campus, you are a member of the Residence Hall Association. If you are interested in becoming active in your Community Council, there are many opportunities to do so. Look in your residence hall early in the Fall semester for information on joining your Community Council. And if you miss that deadline, and your Community Council has already been formed, then talk to your RA about attending General Body meetings as a floor representative.

How many members does your organization have?
While every resident living in a hall on-campus is a member of the Residence Hall Association, our general members are the officers elected onto the councils operating within individual residence halls.

How many leadership positions does your organization offer?
Our executive board is comprised of a president, vice president, national communications coordinator (NCC), treasurer, director of communications (DOC), secretary, historian, residential life advocate (RLA), and National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) executive director. These positions are all mirrored on hall councils, with the exception of the NRHH ED.

What do we do? 
We host programs for residents across campus. This year we are excited about this particular part of our organization’s duties because of the influx of students living in the residence halls on campus. More students means bigger programs and more fun! In addition to programming, we write legislation for the residence halls on campus. Our main purpose is to give the residents at UGA a voice.

Does your organization require dues, fees, or any other mandatory financial obligation for members?
A $20 programming fee is already included in the residence hall rate that each student pays to live on-campus for a particular semester.

Which day of the week does your organization typically hold general body meetings?

What time of day does your organization typically hold general body meetings?
7 p.m.

If the above meeting day/time is subject to variations, elaborate here:
RHA Executive Board Meetings are every Monday at 7 p.m. in Creswell.

What are RHA’s signature events?
At the beginning of the fall semester, we host a half-day conference called Exec ‘N’ Rec to train the newly elected members of hall councils. This day features seminars hosted by our executive board focused on teaching RHA representatives how to be successful student leaders on campus and in their residence halls. We host a horror film screening called Scream on the Green around the end of October every year, as well. This event is historically held on Myers Quad and features free shirts and food in a picnic-style program. We also hold bowling and roller skating programs every year. Our bowling program, Shake, Rattle & Bowl, is held every fall and our roller-skating program, Roll Bounce, is typically held every spring. Both of these programs feature free entertainment and activities, as well as free shirts, food and shuttles. We also sponsor a week at the end of April before finals to celebrate the year we’ve had and to recognize our amazing residents. This week is filled with programs, and we encourage all hall councils across campus participate in the festivities across the entire campus.

How much does it cost to attend an RHA event? 
Nothing! All of our events are free for residents. We provide food, t-shirts and fun at each and many of our programs. We have been known to give out door prizes such as Nalgens, Camelbacks, knapsacks and blankets as well.

Where is the RHA office?
The RHA Office is located in Creswell Hall.
The address for Creswell is 415 Baxter Street; Athens, GA 30609.

How else can I be informed of RHA events?
Check out our Facebook page UGA Residence Hall Association. You can also follow us on Twitter @UGA_RHA and Instagram @UGARHA.

How can I further my involvement with RHA?
In the Spring, you can run for a position on the RHA Exec Board for the coming year. In the Fall, Community Councils hold elections for the Executive Boards and appoint their General Body. In addition, Residence Hall Studios and the National Residence Hall Honorary are two daughter organizations with which residents can participate.

How can I get involved on a regional or national level?
Contact our National Communications Coordinator for more information about how to participate in RHA on a regional or national level.

Are we recognized nationally?
Yes, we are! As an organization, we represent the University of Georgia to the rest of the region and the nation. GRHO is the Georgia Residence Hall Organization, and it meets in the spring. SAACURH is the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, and it meets in the fall. NACURHis the National Association of College and University Residence Halls and is the largest student run organization in the world.

Do I need to bring my UGA ID to any events? 
Yes! Yes! Yes! At each and every RHA event, your valid UGA ID with your valid Housing sticker on it will be required. The events we put on are for students living on campus exclusively. Your ID and sticker prove to us that you do in fact, currently live on campus.

What is NRHH?
The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is both a sister organization to and a subsidiary organization under RHA. NRHH has their own function to further benefit RHA and University Housing. The National Residence Hall Honorary is focused on promoting community service and recognition through Housing. Their three tenets are leadership, service, and recognition. For further information, please visit http://ec2-34-231-26-226.compute-1.amazonaws.com/nrhh/.