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At UGA, RHA and NRHH participate in three (3) annual conferences hosted by the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SAACURH) and the National Association of College and University Residence Halls NACURH each year. In these conferences students leaders are able to network and represent their institution’s best interest by voting on legislation and giving feedback on things that are happening in housing.

  1. The first conference is the Regional Leadership Conference. This weekend long conference is an opportunity for schools from the states within the region of SAACURH to network, present programs and recognize the achievements they have made throughout the first portion of the year. The delegation for SAACURH is selected by the National Communications Coordinator (NCC) in the fall.
  2. The second conference is Regional Business Conference (RBC), This annual business meeting hosted by the SAACURH region allows members from states within the region of SAACURH to vote on pertinent legislation and elect the new leadership team for SAACURH.
  3. The last conference is the NACURH Leadership Conference that traditionally happens at the end May. The NACURH conference gathers schools from across the country and Canada to recognize great accomplishments achieved throughout the year, as well as network, gain programming ideas and display school spirit!

For more information on how to attend any of the conferences, contact Deborah Orekoya (deborah.orekoya@uga.edu), the National Communications Coordinator for RHA.