Unpack before you pack

Unpack before you pack

New TVs, coffee makers, bedding and other items generate a lot of trash and recycling on campus during move in. To reduce the waste brought to campus—and to save space in the car—unbox new items before you pack. 


  • Wrapping your new TV in your new comforter 
  • Unboxing small appliances from cardboard and styrofoam to save space 
  • Unwrap and wash new towels and linens at home 
  • Fill storage bins with belongings for easy moving 
  • Pack hanging clothes in large trash bags to avoid the need to store suitcases 
  • Pack reusable grocery bags, making things easy to carry 

On move-in day, take your trash outside to the dumpster and look for recycling stations with volunteers collecting cardboard, Styrofoam and plastic film. 

Another way to save space as you pack and to reduce the amount of waste you bring to campus is to think about renting a MicroChill through University Housing. If ordered by August 1, MicroChills will be placed in rooms before move in and removed after move out.  

Lastly, think about living in your room for a few days before committing to a futon, extra storage or other furniture and décor items. Purchasing these things locally in Athens or online after move in means you don’t have to worry about how to get them to campus!