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Move In

Countdown to move in!

Move in for fall 2021 is 8 a.m. Friday, August 13 until 9 a.m. Wednesday, August 18.  

University Housing will provide updates via students’ UGA email and on this page throughout the summer. 

August 13: Arrival time required; sorority recruitment participants move in

August 13-15 (Friday-Sunday): Move in by arrival time only  

August 16-18 (Monday-Wednesday): Move in anytime; no arrival time needed. 

Residents must check into their residence hall by 9 a.m. on August 18, the first day of class.

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Before Move In

Arrival times 

In an effort to minimize traffic and check-in congestion, arrival times will be available for students to choose. Arrival times are required for anyone moving in August 13-15.

Arrival times are allotted by building. Beginning on the date listed below for your assigned residence hall, you may log into The Dawg House with your MyID and password to choose an arrival time. Please schedule your arrival time by Tuesday, August 10.

June 28: Church Hall, Hill Hall, Boggs Hall, Mell Hall, Lipscomb Hall, Morris Hall, Oglethorpe House

June 29: Russell Hall, Rutherford Hall, Soule Hall, Mary Lyndon Hall

June 30: Brumby Hall, Payne Hall, Brown Hall

July 1: Creswell Hall, Reed Hall, Myers Hall, University Village J, K and L, unassigned students

July 2: Busbee Hall, Rooker Hall, McWhorter Hall, Vandiver Hall, Building 1516

If you do not yet know your housing assignment, don’t panic! There are enough arrival times for everyone. Any student without a hall assignment by June 30 will be able to sign up for an arrival time starting July 1. Once you have a hall assignment we will move your arrival time to your hall.

To schedule an arrival time slot:

1.Login to The Dawg House
2.Select Schedule My Arrival
3.Choose the date you wish to move in
4.Choose an available arrival time slot
5.Confirm your arrival time slot by clicking Yes in the pop-up window
6.You will now see your booked arrival time slot and receive an email confirmation
7.If you are finished using The Dawg House, please log out
Note: You can only have one arrival time slot at a time. If you are trying to reschedule your time slot, you must first cancel your current arrival time slot.

To cancel and/or reschedule an arrival time slot:

1.Login to The Dawg House
2.Select Schedule My Arrival
3.Click cancel next to your booked arrival time slot
4.Confirm you wish to cancel by clicking Yes in the pop-up window
5.Your arrival time slot has been canceled and you will receive a confirmation email
6.You can now schedule a new arrival time slot, if needed.
7.If you are finished using The Dawg House, please log out.

Community Guide

The Community Guide is a very important document—you actually agreed to abide by the policies found in the Community Guide when you executed your online housing contract. In it, you'll find guidance on decoration and visitation, as well as information about the staff and amenities available to you as a resident. Similar to the UGA Code of Conduct, you should be familiar with the policies and guidelines set forth in the guide. Take a look before you arrive on campus to ensure you know what's expected of you as a resident.

Bulldogs Friends+Family Magazine

Bulldogs Friends+Family magazine is intended to provide students, friends, and family information and resources related to move in and living on campus.

360-degree video tours

In lieu of in-person tours, our 360-degree video tours on YouTube allow you to be immersed in the environment of each residence hall.

Mail and packages

Students may start receiving mail and package the day of their check in. Please do not plan to have anything arrive prior to your check-in date, as it may be returned to sender.

Mail is delivered by the United States Postal Service to the central mailboxes assigned in each area or hall. In University Village Housing and the Health Sciences Campus (HSC) mail is delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. Addresses are listed on the webpage for each building. 


University Housing recommends that students obtain some type of renter’s insurance whether that be a special policy or as a part of the parents’ homeowner policy. Generally, renter's insurance can protect you from loss due to fire, storms, smoke, vandalism, burglary, etc. University Housing is not liable for any damage to personal property.

UGA OneCard

The UGA OneCard is your key to accessing dorms, dining halls, and many other facilities and services throughout campus. Students must be registered for the current semester in order to purchase and use the UGA OneCard. Visit the UGA OneCard site for more information about ordering and picking up your UGA OneCard. Your card will be activated to allow you access to your residence hall once the check-in process is complete.

Travel and directions

Move in days can be stressful - consider arriving a day early. You can find more information on lodging, dining, and transportation options on our Visit page.

Driving Directions From The North

  • Take I-85 to GA 316 (Exit #106).
  • Follow 316 East for approximately 40 miles to the Athens Perimeter (Loop 10).
  • Bear right on Loop 10, traveling east.
  • After approximately 6 miles, take Exit #8 (Lexington Rd./Oconee St.).
  • Turn Left. Oconee St. becomes Broad St. and goes directly into downtown Athens.

Driving Directions From The South

  • Take I-20 East to Conyers.
  • Exit onto GA 441 North.
  • Drive .7 mile, then turn right on GA 441 Bypass.
  • Drive north for 27 miles.
  • Bear right on Loop 10, traveling east.
  • Take Exit #8 (Lexington Rd./Oconee St.).
  • Turn Left. Oconee St. becomes Broad St. and goes directly into downtown Athens.

Driving Directions From The West

  • Take GA 78 East. Exit right onto GA 316 and proceed on GA 316 to the Athens Perimeter (Loop 10).
  • Bear right on Loop 10, traveling east.
  • After approximately 6 miles, take Exit #8 (Lexington Rd./Oconee St.).
  • Turn Left. Oconee St. becomes Broad St. and goes directly into downtown Athens.

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During Move In

Moving IntoCheck-In Location
Boggs Hall Hill Hall 
Brown Hall Brown Hall 
Brumby Hall Brumby Hall 
Building 1516 Building 1516 
Busbee Hall Aug 13-15: Busbee; Aug 16-18 and after hours: Rooker 
Church Hall Hill Hall 
Creswell Hall Creswell Hall 
Hill Hall Hill Hall 
Health Sciences Campus  Brown Hall 
Lipscomb Hall Hill Hall 
Mary Lyndon Hall Myers Hall 
McWhorter Hall Aug 13-15: McWhorter; Aug 16-18 and after hours: Rooker 
Mell Hall Hill Hall 
Morris Hall Morris Hall 
Myers Hall Myers Hall 
Oglethorpe House Oglethorpe House 
Payne Hall Reed Hall 
Reed Hall Reed Hall 
Rooker Hall Rooker Hall 
Russell Hall Russell Hall 
Rutherford Hall Myers Hall 
Soule Hall Myers Hall 
University Village University Village office, 710 East Campus Rd. 
Vandiver Hall Aug 13-15: Vandiver; Aug 16-18 and after hours: Rooker 

Unloading Zones

Students moving in between 8 am. and 6 p.m. August 13-15 should schedule an arrival time; the arrival time scheduling site will open in late June. Once you arrive at your unloading zone during your 15 minute arrival time you will have one hour to check in and unload. After unloading you will move to long-term parking where you can park as long as needed.  

August 13-15: unloading zones will be established in several parking lots near residence halls to assist residents and their families with move in. Drivers will be issued one-hour parking passes to unload their vehicles and then be redirected to long-term parking lots after unloading. Vehicles remaining longer than the one-hour time period will be towed at the owner’s expense. Maps with unloading zones and long-term parking locations for each area of campus will be communicated as they are finalized. 

August 16-18: Move in continues round-the-clock with no scheduled arrival time required. Unloading zones will not be enforced, and residents should park in their assigned lot by 7 a.m. August 18.

What you'll need to move in

Consider bringing a small cart or dolly. Although carts are available in many buildings, there is a limited number of carts available for students to use. You might also consider bringing a small tool kit and a pen for filling out forms at check in.

Checking Into A Residence Hall Room

Each student must have his/her UGA OneCard or government-issued ID to check in. Students should know their student ID number and emergency contact information (preferably, this should be someone in the United States). Only the student can receive a room key; family members and roommates cannot check into a room and receive a key on behalf of a student. 

Set up your PIN


Recycling stations will be set up near dumpsters during move in to collect Styrofoam, plastic film and cardboard. For a comprehensive list of items residents can recycle, visit the Athens-Clarke County Recyclable Items page.

Parking Maps

Oglethorpe House
Church, Hill, Boggs
Mell, Lipscomb
Myers, Mary Lyndon, Soule, Rutherford
Reed, Payne
Building 1516
Rooker, Busbee, Vandiver, Mcwhorter
University Village J, K, L

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After Move In

Check out
Connect your devices
Learn about visitation policies
Review your Roommate Agreement
Submit a maintenance request
Contact Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)
Contact UGA Police
Parking information
Dining halls information
Bus route information
Lofting your bed
Recycling and composting
Community councils


Frequently Asked Questions

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