Sustainability – In-Room Recycling

Where do I empty my bin when it’s full?

Residents must empty their blue in-room recycling bin to their nearby recycling collection dumpster located outside of the building. Find your closest recycling dumpster on the map below:

Landfill and recycling dumpster location 360° photos:
Black-Diall-Miller Hall
Brown Hall
Brumby Hall
Building 1516
Busbee Hall
Church Hall
Creswell Hall
Hill Hall
Lipscomb Hall
Mary Lyndon Hall
McWhorter Hall
Mell Hall
Morris Hall
Myers Hall
Oglethorpe House
Payne Hall
Reed Hall
Rooker Hall
Russell Hall
Rutherford Hall
Soule Hall
University Village – Building J
University Village – Building K
University Village – Building L
Vandiver Hall

What can I recycle?

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Where can I dispose of hard to recycle materials?

Looking for options to dispose of hard to recycle materials such as electronics, batteries, grease/oil, ink cartridges, hard cover books, etc. in Athens-Clarke County?

In-room recycling and education

University Housing is making efforts to promote waste reduction through the expansion of recycling infrastructure. This promotes a culture of sustainability on campus and benefits UGA economically by saving money on waste disposal fees. While also generating revenue for Athens-Clarke County through the sale of recyclable materials – contributing to our regional circular economy. Overall, we believe recycling education is crucial in creating a more sustainable future. Not sure how to use this bin? Connect with our EcoReps through Instagram @sustainableugahousing or reach out to the Housing Sustainability Coordinator, Sarah Hatley.