Fighting hunger and building community

Fighting hunger and building community

In November, University Housing’s annual Housing Against Hunger campaign funded 14,532 meals for hungry community members through the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia (FBNEG).  

Over a two-week period, housing residents and staff donated through online monetary gifts and donations of non-perishable food items to FBNEG. For every $1 donated online, FBNEG can provide three meals for local families in need.  

Current housing residents who donated online on special giving days were entered to win prizes, such as first pick of their on-campus space next year and an unlimited fitness pass at Ramsey for spring semester. 

Supporting the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia aligns seamlessly with the residential curriculum in University Housing, which is centered on fostering community building, interpersonal skills, social awareness and responsibility, and well-being. FBNEG serves as a nexus for these core values by addressing fundamental needs within the local community. 

Engagement with the Food Bank cultivates a sense of community as residents collaborate to contribute to a common cause. This shared endeavor promotes teamwork, communication, and a deeper understanding of one another’s strengths and perspectives. Participating in initiatives like food drives or volunteering at the food bank allows students to develop and refine interpersonal skills, enhancing their ability to work effectively in diverse groups. 

Student participation in Housing Against Hunger underscores the department’s emphasis on social awareness and responsibility by exposing residents to the realities of food insecurity in the region. This awareness stimulates empathy and encourages a sense of duty to address societal challenges.  

Additionally, the act of supporting a food bank directly contributes to the well-being of students, staff and neighbors facing food insecurity, aligning with the university’s emphasis on holistic student development. The experience is an opportunity to foster a community where well-being is interconnected with the welfare of others.  

Housing Against Hunger is part of a larger campaign led by the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia, which works to address hunger and end food insecurity by serving communities across the region, providing consistent access to nourishing food and relevant education. In total, the Hunger Bowl campaign raised $61,059.10 collected 9,515 pounds of food, which will provide 192,692 meals.  

The efforts of both students and staff led to the department exceeding its goal of funding 12,000 meals and University Housing winning the “UGA department with Students” category in the overall Hunger Bowl. 

Other UGA participants included the Georgia Center for Continuing Education and Hotel, the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Morehead Honors College and Grady College.