Cleaning in the Dorms: A Shared Responsibility

Cleaning in the Dorms: A Shared Responsibility

As college students, the excitement of dorm life often overshadows the responsibility that comes with it. Maintaining a clean and healthy living environment is not solely the job of professional housing staff members; it’s a collective effort. Because students live closely on campus, the environment of one room has the potential to impact that of several others. Let’s explore how students can play an active role in promoting a healthy environment in the residence halls. 

Professional Cleaning 

First and foremost, it’s essential to acknowledge the hard work of the professional housing staff. They diligently clean common areas and community bathrooms daily, ensuring that high-traffic spaces remain sanitized and neat. For suite-style bathrooms, cleaning occurs every other week. This routine cleaning is vital for preventing the spread of germs and maintaining a comfortable living environment. 

Student Responsibility 

Students play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness of their living space. They’re responsible for taking out their own trash and recycling, as well as keeping the room clean. These small tasks can go a long way in preventing clutter and maintaining a sanitary environment. 

Reporting Concerns 

Residents are encouraged to report any concerns through the work request system. This reporting system ensures that issues are promptly addressed. For air quality concerns, staff will assess the area, measure temperature, humidity and dewpoint, and take appropriate actions based on the results. This might include testing or replacing climate control units, providing dehumidifiers, or suggesting simple measures like adjusting room temperatures. 

Health and Safety Inspections 

Periodic health and safety inspections are conducted to ensure comfortable and clean living spaces. These inspections involve a team of professionals who assess various aspects of dorm life, including facilities-related concerns and the condition of life-safety equipment like sprinklers and smoke detectors. Residents receive advance notice of these inspections, so there’s no need to worry about being present in your room at the time. 

Maintenance Measures 

To ensure the dorms remain in top-notch condition, University Housing takes proactive steps. This includes regular maintenance such as changing filters on a schedule, replacing furniture and mattresses on a cycle, deep cleaning during breaks, and assessing plumbing, electrical, HVAC and emergency systems. 

In conclusion, maintaining a healthy environment in college dorms is a shared responsibility. While professionals play a vital role in cleaning and maintenance, students also have a significant part to play. By following simple guidelines and reporting concerns, students can contribute to a safe, clean and comfortable living space for themselves and their fellow residents.