You’ve got mail!

You’ve got mail!

As students prepare to move to campus, we get a lot of questions about mail and packages. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers: 

Can I send packages to my dorm ahead of move in? 

Please plan for packages to arrive after you check in. We don’t have the storage to keep items and, since you are not a current resident of the space, packages will be returned to the sender.  

What’s the mailing address? 

Mailing addresses for each building can be found by choosing your student’s building from Some buildings have their own mailroom, while others share a central mailroom. It’s important to share the correct address with carriers so mail and packages aren’t delayed. 

How will my student receive their package? 

USPS, UPS, FedEx and Amazon deliver packages to our mailrooms. From there, they are logged and students receive an email letting them know their package has arrived. To retrieve it, they simply show their UGA ID to the desk worker. 

Can students order food delivery to the dorms? 

Yes, but delivery people do not have access to University Housing buildings. In dorms with public lobbies, there is generally a shelf where food deliveries can be dropped off. In other buildings, students need to communicate with the driver about where to meet them outside. University Housing is not responsible for food left anywhere in or around the buildings. 

How are mail and packages delivered over break periods? 

Most buildings close for Thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks. Mail and packages will not be forwarded during breaks. In buildings that remain open, mail and packages will work as normal. 

Once my student leaves University Housing, how will mail be forwarded? 

Before checking out of their space for good, students should update their forwarding address in The Dawg House portal.