Sustainability – EcoReps


There are many ways to get involved with sustainability within the residence halls, across campus, and throughout the Athens community. If you are seeking a leadership position and enjoy representing your community, see if the EcoRep position on community council is for you.

The EcoReps meet bi-weekly with advisors to learn about localized and current sustainability resources and initiatives. EcoReps become peer advocates and educators by engaging their community through active and passive programming and bulletin boards. The EcoReps also assist the rest of the community council executive board and general body in efforts to increase sustainability within their buildings. EcoReps have the opportunity to gain the experiential learning credit in leadership, participate in an overnight camping retreat, and attend the Southeastern EcoRep conference during spring semester. 

If interested in applying for the EcoRep position, you must attend your community council informational session right after move-in in August. Most community council positions are assigned through an election process at the end of August. Ask your residence hall director for details on how to apply.