Key Notes

How Does It Work?

Key Notes is a letter-writing campaign where past residents write letters to incoming ones. It doesn’t matter if you moved out 3 weeks ago or 30 years ago, all you need to do is submit a letter using the form below and we’ll do the rest. We’ll package and deliver letters to residents’ mailboxes for them to open when they move in in August.

The last day to submit a letter for fall 2022 delivery is Friday, July 29, 2022. If you have any questions, please email or call 770-542-1421.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any cost associated with writing a letter?

Nope! You don’t have to worry about postage or printing. Just submit a letter online and we’ll take care of the rest – printing, packaging, and delivery!

2. How long should my letter be?

We ask that letters do not exceed 500 words.

3. What should I include in my letter?

You can include your name, graduation year (or expected graduation year) and major. Here are some things to think about including in the letter:

  • What were some of your favorite memories from living in the residence halls?
  • What sorts of friendships did you build while living on campus?
  • Do you have any advice on how to make their residence hall feel more like home?
  • What should the incoming resident look forward to about living on campus?

4. Can I see an example letter?

Yes you can! Here is an example letter:

Dear resident,

Welcome to your new home! My name is Taylor and I graduated from UGA in 2007 with a B.S. in Economics. During my first year at UGA, I lived in Mary Lyndon and had the best time. Some of my favorite memories included staying up late with my friends to watch American Idol in the basement and Snellebrating after finishing a really difficult exam. I hope that this year brings you lots of fun memories in Mary Lyndon like I had, it was such a special place to live. My one piece of advice for you is to not underestimate the amount of time it takes to walk to the bus stop – I spent many a morning sprinting to make it to the stop in front of Soule. Also, don’t worry if it takes you a while to find your people, mine came later than I expected but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Wishing you the absolute best year at UGA!

Go Dawgs!

Taylor, Class of 2007

5. What if I lived in multiple residence halls during my time at UGA?

You are welcome to write as many letters as you’d like. All we ask is that you submit a different form for each letter you’d like to write.

6. When will my letter be delivered?

We plan to deliver the letters to residents’ mailboxes in time for them to open once they move in each August.

7. If I didn’t live on campus during my time at UGA, can I still write a letter?

While the main purpose of this project is to connect past residents with incoming ones, we are happy to accept any letter from a member of the UGA community. Make sure when you list your preferences, you click the “No preference” option.

8. What if I’ve already written a Key Note letter before? Can I recycle my old letter?

select the option: No, this is not my first time and follow the written instructions so we can identify and repurpose your letter.

Key Notes Letter Counter

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