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Monday January 25, 2021

Traveling Bulldog Recipients

Traveling Bulldogs Award

August 03, 2016

The Traveling Bulldog trophy recognizes a full-time staff member who is working to fulfill the departmental mission in a “behind the scenes” fashion that is not always publicly observed. It is named after Denise Stancheck in recognition of the good “behind the scenes” work that she did for University Housing. Past winners are:

Tim Carithers                       June 2016
Wayne Bennett                               May 2016
Lee Gray                                     April 2016
Evie Trimble                                   March 2016
Rosa Serrano-crans                         February 2016
Dashan J. Axson-Lawrence               January 2016
Stacey Jewell                                 December 2015
Mary Sutton                                   November 2015
Matthew Deason                           October 2015
Michael Wharton                           September 2015
Tim Bennett                                   August 2015
Scott Gabriel                                 July 2015
Steve Smith                                   June 2015
Linda Peck                                   May 2015
James Anderson                             April 2015
Kathryn Hall                                   March 2015
Abi Aparajithan                               February 2015
Jane Ivey                                     January 2015
Scott Nelson                                 December 2014
Suzanne Reichner                           November 2014
Nekeisha Randall                           October 2014
Veronica Monroy                           September 2014
Keith Sawyer                                 August 2014
Patrick Hood                                 July 2014
Temetria Hargett                           June 2014

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