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Thursday November 26, 2020


In 2020, Soule Hall is celebrating its 100th birthday!

The construction of Soule from 1918-1920 was financed jointly by the State Legislature and the trustees of the State College of Agriculture for a total construction cost of $100,000. Unfortunately, as part of Soule’s construction, no funds were allocated for furnishings. An organization called the Friends of Higher Education for Women stepped in and set up a fundraising drive to furnish each of the rooms. 

The original building—meant to be a dormitory for women in the College of Agriculture—included a gymnasium, an infirmary, a lounge and a swimming pool. Its east balcony overlooked an amphitheater in a space now occupied by the Boyd Graduate Building and the Science Library. 

A 2014 Red & Black article shares some residents’ memories of Soule Hall. 



Soule Hall served as a women’s dormitory 


The Navy established one of its four main schools on campus and took over Soule Hall as the United States military mobilized for World War II 


Soule returned to being a dormitory for women after the war ended 


The State Department of Offender Rehabilitation leased the building from the university for four years 


Soule hall was converted to classroom and office space for the State Department 


Soule once again became a women’s dormitory 


The building floors were raised slightly to incorporate mechanical infrastructure (plumbing and ductwork). Stairwells were moved to meet modern building code requirements 

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