Room Changes and Roommates

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Room Change Requests

Residents with a housing contract may submit a room or hall change request at any time, for any reason in The Dawg House. Room change requests are granted as space becomes available. The more flexible you are about where you want to go, the quicker your request will be granted. If you and both roommates wish to change halls/rooms but remain roommates, each roommate must submit a room change request in The Dawg House separately.

Roommate Requests

The following conditions must exist before roommate preferences can be honored: (1) both students must request each other and (2) a vacant double occupancy room must exist. When two students request each other as roommates and register at separate times, the assignment of the roommate pair will be based upon the EARLIEST registration date of both students. Registrants should be aware that if a preferred roommate does not match the request or cancels a registration, the registrant will be assigned another roommate based upon individual registration date without notification. Every effort is made to accommodate roommate preferences when all of the above conditions are met.

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Roommate Searching

The majority of students living on campus will select their own space. Students have the opportunity to search for roommates or enter the room selection process on their own.

If You Want To Search For Roommates

After completing their initial registration on The Dawg House, students will have the option of searching for students by match based on answers to the profile questions or by their web screen name.

Students are able to join a roommate group, which is how the system keeps track of who you want to live with, with up to three other students. The Dawg House does require students to be the same gender and must be the same class standing, first year or returning student. Please note, for first year students, the majority of rooms only accommodate two students, please plan your roommate group size accordingly.

All roommate searching occurs on The Dawg House. Requests to join a roommate group can be sent and accepted from the site. Students will be able to see the status of their roommate group during the housing registration process.

Roommate searching is available for students registering for academic year housing in apartments or residence halls. Roommate searching is not available for spring only housing or for summer terms.

Research on roommate matching has not shown any factors or questions that can be used to predict better college roommate relationships. Instead, University Housing advocates strong communication between roommates and potential roommates in order to help foster cooperation, understanding and mutual respect, as well as to discuss and resolve specific issues before they become a problem.

Creating A Roommate Profile

Roommate Search was created to provide students with the ability to build a basic personal profile based on a variety of questions, as well as weigh the relative importance of each point.

Space is also provided so that students may add their personal touch to their profile and any additional information to a potential roommate that may enable the reader to obtain a better understanding about the student.
Once the survey is completed, a personal profile is then generated, which the student may use to search for other students with similar responses. The roommate search system will rank potential roommates depending upon how closely each student's answers match the other. Use of anonymous usernames ensures that the privacy of all parties involved will be maintained until each individual agrees to reveal his or her name and contact information.
Once a list of potential roommates has been generated using the search options, students have the ability to send a message providing a telephone number and/or email address. The recipient of the contact then has the option to either respond with their own contact information or remain anonymous.

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Supplemental Housing

Students in supplemental housing may live in non-traditional spaces such as lounges or as a roommate of a resident assistant (RA). Residents in supplemental spaces may have up to three roommates, depending on the size of the space. These spaces are intended to be temporary until such time as permanent spaces become available. Students may submit a room change request indicating preferences for a permanent space, and the housing assignments staff will make every effort to accommodate this request. All attempts to relocate students out of supplemental housing will be done during the fall semester. Residents assigned to supplemental housing will receive a 25 percent rate reduction during their stay.

Supplemental rooms are configured with:

  • Bunked extra-long twin beds with mattresses
  • One desk per resident
  • One desk chair per resident
  • Clothing racks (if there is no closet)
  • Two to three three-drawer dressers per room

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