First Year Live-On Requirement

The University of Georgia is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive educational experience. There are numerous educational and social benefits for first-year students living in the residence halls that may not be realized by those living off campus. With this understanding, UGA has required all first-year students to live on campus since fall 2004.

First Year Live-On Requirement

First-year undergraduate students enrolled as full-time students, as defined by the Office of the Registrar, are required to live in campus residence halls. Students first enrolling in the summer are required to live in the residence halls during the summer, fall and spring semesters. Students first enrolling in the fall are required to live in the residence halls during the fall and spring semesters. Students first enrolling in the spring are required to live in the residence halls during the spring semester.

Exemption requests are available via The Dawg House.

Students who wish to request an exemption for summer, fall or spring may complete an exemption request online. Log in to The Dawg House and start a registration to begin the request process. Students may make requests as soon as they are admitted.

Exemption from the First Year Live-On Requirement

Those individuals who will reach the age of 21 prior to the first day of classes of their first term of enrollment are exempt from the requirement to live in the residence halls.

Students may be exempt from the requirement to live in the residence halls while they reside in the principal residence of a parent or legal guardian within the counties of Clarke, Barrow, Jackson, Madison, Oglethorpe or Oconee. Students desiring this exemption must apply and provide parent or legal guardian endorsement.

Requests for exemption to the first year live-on requirement on the basis of compelling individual circumstances will be considered.

Requests for exemption must be submitted according to the following schedule:

  • May 1 for summer term first enrollment
  • May 15 for fall semester first enrollment
  • November 1 for spring semester first enrollment

For additional information regarding requests for exemption, contact the Assignments Office in University Housing at 706-542-1421 or by email.

Cancellation of enrollment and revocation of student status at the University of Georgia may take place as a result of failing to comply with the UGA First Year Live-On Requirement Policy. This may be the result of:

  • providing false or misleading information in connection with a request for exemption,
  • failing to comply by not registering for housing and/or assuming occupancy in a university residence hall,
  • revocation of a residence hall contract, and/or
  • receiving a judicial sanction that requires removal from a university residence hall.

If a first-year student is removed from University Housing, he/she may also be suspended from the institution.

Procedures for Reviewing Requests for Exemption from First Year Live-On Requirement

  • Complete exemption requests online via The Dawg House
  • The director of administrative services and communications, or her/his designee, will review written requests for exemption within a timely manner. Additional information may be required of some applicants. Applicants will be notified of decisions regarding requests for exemption Applicants may email with questions regarding how to submit requested additional information
  • Individual students may appeal in writing via The Dawg House the denial of the request for exemption to an appeals committee consisting of (a) one member of the faculty appointed by the chairperson of the educational affairs committee of the university council who will serve as chairperson of the appeals committee, (b) one division of student affairs professional staff member appointed by the vice president for Student Affairs and (c) one University Housing professional staff member appointed by the executive director of University Housing
  • Written appeals must be submitted to the Housing Assignments Office via The Dawg House no later than ten working days after notice has been sent that a request for exemption has been denied
  • The appeals committee may consult with other units of the university including, but not limited to, the University Health Center, the Disability Resource Center and the Office of Student Financial Aid
  • Decisions of the appeals committee will be communicated in writing within a reasonable time from the date that the appeal is reviewed by the committee
  • Decisions of the appeals committee will be final