The University of Georgia and University Housing may contact resident students with official communications via email or United State Postal Service mail. Check your electronic and postal mailboxes regularly to be certain you do not miss any important and/or time sensitive information!


Email iconAs soon as you complete the process to create your MyID (including answering the required security questions) you have access to UGAMail. All official communications from UGA will be sent to your UGA email address. 

Those using UGAMail accounts must comply with the University of Georgia policies on use of computers as well as the policies specific to the use of UGAMail. These policies are binding on UGA faculty, staff, and students even if you haven't read them.  Find out more about the InfoSec computer policies.

Connect to UGAMail.


Is Internet service provided for residents?

Laptop iconYes, each resident room at UGA is equipped with two dedicated high-speed Internet access points for residents with computers. Visit EITS Help Desk for more information about residential computing at UGA. In addition, wireless access is provided in most halls through PAWS-Secure.

Devices such as smart TVs and game consoles connecting to PAWS-Secure must be registered with EITS. Please visit Getting Connected in University Housing (hyperlink to - More info for information on registering devices and activating Ethernet ports.


Telephone iconNo residence hall rooms, suites or apartments are equipped with telephone connections or service. Most residents use personal cell phones to stay in touch.

Mail and Packages

How will I receive mail while I am living on campus?

Mail iconU.S. Postal Service Mail Delivery
Resident mailboxes are provided in each Community. Correspondence should be addressed as follows:

Student Name
Room Number, Hall Name
Street Address of Hall
Athens GA 30609-XXXX

For East Campus Village Residents:

Student Name
Apartment Number
Building Number OR Building Name
Street Address of Hall
Athens GA 30609-XXXX

Courier Parcel Delivery
Parcels delivered by non-USPS services such as UPS and Federal Express require residence hall street addresses as follows:

Student Name
Room Number or Apartment Number
Residence Hall Name, UGA
Street Address of Hall
Athens GA 30609-XXXX

The street addresses for University Residence Halls are:

Residence Address
Boggs Hall 900 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens GA 30609-4031
Brown Hall 100 Fox Road
Athens GA 30609-4031
Brumby Hall 615 Baxter St.
Athens GA 30609-4000
Building 1516 395 River Rd.
Athens GA 30609-4206
Busbee Hall 365 River Rd.
Athens GA 30609-4205
Church Hall 880 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens GA 30609-4041
Creswell Hall 415 Baxter St.
Athens GA 30609-4011
Hill Hall 810 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens GA 30609-4046
Lipscomb Hall 205 Baxter St.
Athens GA 30609-4056
Mary Lyndon Hall 310 Sanford Dr.
Athens GA 30609-4211
McWhorter Hall 355 River Rd.
Athens GA 30609-4205
Mell Hall 215 Baxter St.
Athens GA 30609-4051
Morris Hall 390 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens GA 30609-4061
Myers Hall 1055 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens GA 30609-4200
Oglethorpe Hall 998 S. Lumpkin St.
Athens GA 30609-4002
Payne Hall 101 Hooper St.
Athens GA 30609-7711
Reed Hall 105 Hooper St.
Athens GA 3609-7700
Rooker Hall 385 River Rd.
Athens GA 30609-4205
Russell Hall 515 Baxter St.
Athens GA 30609-4021
Rutherford Hall 305 Cedar St.
Athens GA 30609
Soule Hall 315 Sanford Dr.
Athens GA 30609-4201
Vandiver Hall 375 River Rd.
Athens GA 30609-4205