Current Students

Check the calendar for upcoming significant room-sign-up dates.


Current Resident Room Sign-Up

Students who have yet to receive an appointment time to choose a space should continue to check their UGA email for updated information.

Residents wishing to live on campus for 2020-2021 academic year must log onto The Dawg House and complete the initial registration between December 2, 2019 and noon January 17, 2020. There is no fee for current residents, and registration alone does not commit students to living on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year. Appointment times to choose a space will be granted in the order in which current students complete the returning student registration in The Dawg House

No other criteria will be used to determine appointment times. Depending on the number of residents wishing to participate in room sign up, multiple rounds of appointment times may be given until all returning student spaces are contracted. 

The Process

1. Register to participate in room sign up in The Dawg House by noon January 17.
2. Research halls, floorplans and rates in the Housing tab above.
3. Take a tour of available halls Sunday, Jan. 12 between noon and 3 p.m.
4. Create or join a roommate group in order to assign roommates to your space with your roommates. Designate all roommates by noon January 17.
5. Check your UGA email for information about your appointment time to choose a space online or notifications that you are eligible to stay in your same room or hall.
6. During your appointment time, log in to The Dawg House, choose a space and add your roommates.
7. Execute your housing contract by the deadline given via email. If you fail to execute the contract, you may lose your space.
8. Students with completed contracts for fall 2020 may submit a room change request at any time. 

All communication to students regarding room sign-up will be sent to the student's UGA email account. Students are expected to check their email regularly for important information. 

Current students are not guaranteed housing since incoming first-year students have priority in housing assignments due to the first year live-on requirement. However, returning students have priority in selecting a limited number of spaces prior to first-year students being assigned. Weekly sign-up rounds will occur throughout the spring semester.  


East Campus Village (ECV) contracts: 

The duration of the contracts for Rooker Hall will change for 2020-2021. Rooker Hall residents will have an academic year contract (closed summer 2021, rent charged for fall and spring). McWhorter, Busbee and Vandiver Halls will have 11.5-month contracts (rent charged fall 2020, spring 2021 and summer 2021). 

ECV same hall sign-up day:

On same hall day, ECV residents will have the option of selecting a space in any building in ECV. 

Expanded ECV spaces: 

Current residents in expanded spaces will not have the option to choose their same room but may choose any ECV hall on same hall selection day. 


University Village and Health Sciences Campus apartment sign up timeline

March 25-30: Same apartment sign-up

April 6: same apartment contracts due

April 1-6: different apartment sign-up

April 13: different apartment contracts due

April 15: Round 1 apartment sign-up for new registrations