First-Year Students


The University of Georgia is committed to providing all students with a comprehensive educational experience. There are numerous educational and social benefits for first-year students living in the residence halls that may not be realized by those living off campus. With this understanding, UGA has required all first-year students to live on campus since fall 2004. Housing registration takes place in our online portal, The Dawg House. Access The Dawg House from the link to the right.


First-year undergraduate students enrolled as full-time students, as defined by the Office of the Registrar, are required to live in campus residence halls. Students first enrolling in the summer are required to live in the residence halls during the summer, fall and spring semesters. Students first enrolling in the fall are required to live in the residence halls during the fall and spring semesters. Students first enrolling in the spring are required to live in the residence halls during the spring semester.

Learn more about the first-year live-on requirement.

Check our Resources section for detailed information on Student Assignments Policies; Contracts, Fees and Payment; Rules and Policies; Moving In/Moving Out and Roommate Matching, Changes and Rapport.


REGISTER: For most students, room selection works on an appointment system based on when you complete your housing registration*. UGA is committed to housing all incoming first-year students, but the earlier you register, the more priority you’ll have in choosing your space. To register, click on The Dawg House link to the right. Have a credit or debit card ready to pay the non-refundable $35 registration fee. Note: Payment of the University of Georgia’s commitment deposit is not necessary to register for University Housing.

STUDY UP: Check your UGA email for a confirmation of your online registration, then research halls and rates in the HOUSING tab above. There, you’ll find rates, amenities, maps, 360-degree images, photos, room plans and videos to help you decide on your ideal on-campus space. 

WAIT FOR IT: Continue to check your UGA email for information about how to search for roommates and create or join a roommate group** in housing’s online portal, The Dawg House. After the university’s commitment deadline, the Housing Assignments Office will issue you an online appointment time to choose a space.

CHOOSE: During your online appointment time, browse through available spaces in The Dawg House and make a selection. At this time, you may pull roommates into your space with you** 

MAKE IT OFFICIAL: Execute your housing contract in The Dawg House by the deadline. If you fail to execute a contract, you may lose your assigned space.

* Although most students are able to self-select a space, some will be assigned automatically. In that event, every attempt will be made to honor roommate choices where space is available.

** Roommate designation in The Dawg House is available for fall admits only.


  • Most residence halls close during the holiday breaks. If you will require housing during these breaks, be sure to choose a hall that stays open
  • Honors Program first-year students have priority in assignments to Myers Hall, including a condensed sign-up period specifically for Myers Hall. Living in Myers Hall is not a requirement of the Honors Program. Honors Program participants should expect to have an Honors Program roommate
  • Some residence halls in the East Campus Village Community have contracts requiring rent payments in fall, spring and summer

Watch our Housing 101 video series to prepare for your arrival next year!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the UGA commitment deposit to register for housing?
No. However, you must pay your UGA commitment deposit by the May 1 deadline in order to receive an appointment time to choose a space. Registering for housing does not commit you to UGA, it only puts you in line for selecting the space of your choice.

Is it a guarantee that I will get to choose my own space?
Although most students will receive appointment times to select their space, there will be some students who will be assigned a housing space. This could be due to a variety of reasons (e.g., a roommate pulls you in to a space; you are participating in a special program; you have a later housing registration date).

Am I signing a contract when I register?
No. When you register for housing, you will pay a non-refundable registration fee of $35. You will sign/execute your contract in the summer when you receive your building and room assignment.

Can I choose my roommate? What if I don’t know anybody?
Roommate selection and searching will begin in mid-March. Be sure to create your roommate profile during registration because it will be used in the roommate search tool. If you already have somebody in mind, you will have the option of selecting them once the roommate matching goes live in March. We’ll notify you when it gets closer with more detailed instructions.

I live close to UGA, do I have to live on campus?
While living on campus is a requirement for your first year, students living in Clarke County and the surrounding counties can file for an exemption to the requirement. You will still need to go online to The Dawg House and begin the registration process. You will see the option for exemptions after your verify your contact information. You can find out more about exemptions here:

Where can I live?
Take some time to research the residence halls, starting in the Housing tab. From there, you’ll have access to rates, amenities, maps, 360-degree images, photos, room plans and videos to help you decide on your ideal on-campus space. You’ll also find information about partnership programs that integrate academics and residence life such as Thrive, language communities, the Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community and Franklin Residential College. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media to see what to expect when you are here next year, including The Dawg Vlog on YouTube, in which current residents document their on-campus experiences.