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Wednesday November 20, 2019

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Hi everyone! It's Rachel again and I wanted to show you all the absolutely amazing dorm that I live in on campus! The 2018 renovation of Russell Hall at UGA was great, and I thoroughly enjoy living here. Please leave a comment and give a thumbs up if you liked the video! As always please subscribe for more cool content from me and other vloggers at UGA!

Watch current students as they document their experiences living, learning and loving life at UGA. Follow all their adventures on The Dawg Vlog our YouTube channel or search UGA Housing on YouTube, where you'll find room tours, how-to videos and more.




Thanksgiving break begins

No classes. All halls will remain open during Thanksgiving break.

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Winter break begins

Halls close at noon.

Halls close at 4:00 p.m. for residence hall commencement participants checkout with granted extensions by assistant director.

Halls close at noon December 15 for University Village/Health Sciences Campus commencement participants.

Halls remaining open during break: Brown, ECV, Payne, Reed, University Village and Health Sciences Campus townhomes.

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