Graduate Athens


Updated Aug. 26, 2021


– When you arrive, text the front desk at 708-477-3159 to let them know you are arriving from UGA to check into your isolation or quarantine space. Please wait outside the lobby until your packet is placed on the table near the entrance. 

– If you are driving yourself, park near the lobby. The desk staff will provide further instructions on where to pick up your room key and where to park your car during your stay. You are permitted to park one vehicle on Graduate Athens property once you have received your room number. When you arrive, Graduate Athens staff will provide instructions on communicating your vehicle information to their team.  


– Remain in your designated isolation or quarantine assignment unless you have a medical appointment or there is a building emergency that results in an evacuation—you are not permitted to leave or have direct contact with individuals outside of isolation/quarantine unless it is an emergency. 
– If you have upcoming appointments, contact your healthcare provider and request a telehealth or virtual appointment, if possible. If you need University Housing to help arrange transportation to an appointment at the University Health Center, please contact in advance of your appointment. 
– For any emergencies, call 9-1-1. 
– Monitor your symptoms carefully. If your symptoms get worse or do not improve, contact your healthcare provider. University Health Center contact information is below.  

– Ensure you are getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated. 
– Stay active and engaged in quarantine or isolation! Check out the Engagement and Physical Activities tab for virtual events and the opportunity to opt into free on-demand virtual fitness classes from Ramsey (Rec Sports). Being sure to stand or walk occasionally or engage in other physical activities helps alleviate the risk of thrombosis. 

– Always cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inside of your elbow. 
– Wash your hands often with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds. 
– No visitors or guests are permitted in your space during your isolation or quarantine period. 
– You may leave any bagged trash outside of your door by 9 a.m. daily. 
– If you signed up for meal delivery, meals will be delivered to your door. If you need more information on this service, email


– You must checkout by 9 a.m. after your isolation or quarantine period.  

– Upon checkout, remove all personal items and perishable items from the room.  

– Contact the hotel front desk to inform them that you are leaving OR for contactless checkout, text 708-477-3159 when you leave.  

– Drop your keys in the green metal key boxes located at the bottom of every staircase and outside of the lobby.  

– Notify with the date and time of your departure as you are leaving. 

Since you are considered healthy following quarantine or isolation, para transit is not necessary. Public transportation options include the UGA bus or the Athens City Bus. All quarantine and isolation locations are within walking distance of one of these options.  


University Health Center: 706-542-8715 
University Housing: 706-583-0912 
Student Care and Outreach: 706-542-7774 
Wellness Meals (Georgia Center): 706-202-4376 – Wellness Meals information
UGA Directory Assistance: 706-542-3000 

Students acknowledge that their stay at the hotel is subject to a master housing agreement between the University of Georgia and Graduate Athens (the “Housing Agreement”), and that such agreement imposes certain responsibilities related to students’ conduct at the hotel, their responsibility for charges related to the students’ stay, as well as other obligations. Students agree to comply with their obligations under that agreement and have reviewed and/or acknowledge that they have been informed by university of their obligations thereunder, and/or have waived their right to review such agreement.