Frequently Asked Questions

I have not received my meals, what do I do?  

If you have signed up to receive meals but have not received one, call or email the Georgia Center at

I left my space to go to a medical appointment and have locked myself out of the space; how do I get back in?  

Do not go directly to the front desk unless instructed to do so. Rather, call the front desk, provide them with your name and unit number, and a housing staff member or hotel staff member will assist you.  

I forgot something in my residence hall room—can I go get it? 

If you have forgotten something and need an item brought to you, email University Housing at from your UGA email address. 

Can I have food or packages delivered?  

Yes. However, all deliveries must be contactless and there may be limits as to the time of day items can be delivered. Please contact the community office or hotel for the delivery address and any specific delivery instructions.  

Can I leave my space? 

Remain in your designated isolation assignment unless there is a building emergency that results in an evacuation. In the event of an evacuation, please remember to wear your mask and socially distance as you wait for the all clear to return to your space. 

What if I have an in-person exam or class I cannot miss?

If you have an exam or are expected to attend an in-person class, please contact Student Care & Outreach to help you navigate this situation with your instructors ( or 706-542-7774).

Can I have visitors in my space? 

No. You may not have guests or visitors in your space during your stay. 

What if I decide to quarantine/isolate away from campus after checking into a space provided by University Housing? 

If you decide to leave your space early to finish out your isolation or quarantine away from campus, please email to let us know.